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Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 05/12/2010

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HI guys

It was my time to pick image of the week this week and what a hellish time it was too!!! You guys post such FANTASTIC images! I had to make my usual shortlist and then think about which one I loved the most and pick that as my image if the week.

I have to say that one image above all others stood out from them all.I said to the person concerned that I love this image to bits.Its beautiful, timeless and has a quality of light and is so visually stunning that I couldnt choose any other image than this one. I have in my uni studies been looking at the work of a chap called Youseff Karsh whose use of light and exposure made his subjects stand out.Its not personally the direction Im going to go with my work but to see his lighting and quality of his images is wonderful.

The person who won this week is Jayne for her thread " some from the weekend" and the image I chose from the set was this one because I love it.

View attachment 110234

I make no apologies for choosing this image.I chose it as a viewer and not as a friend.Jayne, your work has just become emense over the time I have known you.I have seen such a progression in your skill and your talent that I couldnt choose another image that deserved this more.If this had been in an image of the year award it would have been my winner too

Congratulations on being my winner of IOTW. It was a pleasure to choose it

Bessy regs



Always on
Well done jayne
cracking image as are all of yours :)

ps kenny no need to appologise for choosing this, think it would be a sad day if you had to rule out an excellent photo from a friend, just because you are friends
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Honorary Life Member
Good choice Kenny

No surprise here you are so damn good Jayne

Well done :congrats:


wow i am really flattered, thank you very much Kenny and Carl and Paul, it's made my week :)


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Honorary Life Member
One magical image of a little angel!

Well done Jayne!

Great selection Kenny!



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I have to say I missed it in the forum but it is superb. Capturing so much. Congratulations Jayne.


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Can't think of any superlatives that haven't been used - so a simple well done from me on a lovely shot :ok:
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