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Issues with Kiev 6C Medium Format Camera (Overlapping frames)


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Nov 8, 2020
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Hello! First time poster, I really appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction.
A couple months ago, I purchased a Kiev 6C (also known as the 6S) camera from Russia. (It's very similar to the Kiev 60, with some minor differences.)
The camera is in really good condition, sans one issue; photos taken with the camera often overlap. Now, I've done quite a bit of research, and one possible cause is apparently down to not winding up the shutter properly, but I have tried winding it in several different ways without any difference.
I eventually came across a guide called the "Kiev 60 Kalibration" that instructs how to open up the camera and adjust a frame spacing screw. While this guide is for the 60 and not the 6c, I was surprised to see that this frame spacing screw does exist inside my camera (I found a Russian 6C repair manual online and it doesn't have any mention of this screw, which I thought was interesting.)
After adjusting this screw several times, I found that there was no difference of spacing between frames-- each exposure overlaps by about 0.7cm. I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong, because I assume if this adjustment screw isn't working there must be something greater wrong with the camera.
I'd really appreciate some thoughts on where to proceed with this. I'm a college student on a tight budget, so sending the camera to Russia for repairs is out of my grasp. (Camera repair shops that work on Kiev cameras seem pretty far and few between in the US, but if you know of any please feel free to share.) I've considered listing the camera on eBay or something and trying to just cut my losses, but I'm trying to look into all my options before doing something like that. I have acess to 3D printers, so I've actually considered attempting to change the camera's frame size to ~6 by ~4, which I'm thinking would allow enough room for frames to not overlap, but that is obviously not an ideal solution :) (especially if it's a spring related issue that is going to get worse over time)
Any help or input would be much appreciated!