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It is Friday, the day after Valentine's Day


Stuck in Toronto
The last bit was in case you forgot yesterday and your significant other is a but grumpy today ;)

My girls have a mid term long weekend so they are off school and I am working from home to accommodate them. Monday here is a made up holiday, Family Day, created a few years ago because of the long drought between Jan 1 and Easter. I am not working Monday this time (we have to work to cover Americans who do not believe in holidays ;) ). We will be going go visit my mother who is still in the hospital since just after Christmas :(

I have not used my camera in a while, but I do take it every time I go visit my mom. On the hour or so drive there may be something I need to photograph.

Ramble Vision

Mountain Climber
Super Moderator
after work today I will probably go for run, now its staying lighter for longer it seems rude not to.

Tomorrow I will be working on my report/project most the day. I have never written a report before, or if I have I have forgotten how. So its taking some doing. Should have the first draft done by the end of the weekend though.

then in the evening, im going out with work colleagues , one of them has turned 60 so were having a bit of a P$%s up. Ive not been out socialising for so long, im not entirely sure I can remember how :) . Im a bit of light weight these days so at least it will be a cheap night.

Sunday the intention is to go for a run and get more project done. the reality is I will probably be lieing on the sofa feeling a bit rough

(hope your ma is feeling better soon @DonS)

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
We just got back from a hectic two weeks trotting around Ontario so I hope to get my dog sled race pictures sorted out and edited. Then I have to pick out a few to send off the the news rag.


EXIF Seeker
Super Moderator
Don’t think I have picked up the camera for six weeks or so. Meant to nice here this weekend, and a free weekend for a change, so who knows. My daughter (from her own money) wants to buy a gaming laptop, so going with her to PC world tonight. I know there will be a discussion about looks/ aesthetics of the laptop vs actual power, I think she may be impressed by the former somehow. Might be an ‘interesting’ discussion later :)


Stuck in Toronto
I forgot, we are going to a dinner party Saturday night. Parents of one of the girls friends from school invited us over.

ed taylor

Super Ed
Super Moderator
I hope to go out for the day tomorrow with Larisa and take a few photos. Erm working on Sunday.


Always on
Premium Member
Well, today I visited an old colleague and very, very dear friend of mine (can't remember if I've mentioned him on here before).

He had cancer surgery last September but it spread a little and he had his first bout of chemo on Monday.

Sweetest, kindest, most even tempered, humble and funny man you're ever likely to meet and the last person on earth to deserve to be stricken with this b'stard disease.

He's pretty up beat tho albeit we did discuss life, death, doom and gloom and put the world to rights (again:D). Although I don't have cancer I do have a life threatening/changing condition so we have a fair bit of common ground with regards to the outlook on life/death in a pragmatic, emotional and mortality sense.

He's learning guitar and has been using an old acoustic. I bought him a new Strat copy and gave him an old practice amp, strap and leads to get him started. In my mind (probably rather clumsily) I thought it'd give him something to do to take his mind off the dark times a wee bit. He was very appreciative.

It's always an immense pleasure for me to spend a little time with the man and it pains me greatly to think of him suffering. He said I was the best friend a man could ask for. A compliment I do not deserve but humbling to hear all the same.

All in all and extremely powerfully moving day, enjoyable beyond words and emotionally exhausting.