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Just moved back to Landscape photography


I am posting this in the hope that it will NOT court controversy, or upset anyone as it did on another forum, where people totally went off what I had said into a battle about how wrong I was to use filters these days. I am not posting this for any arguments about filters.

I bought the meter on the left NEW, yes new :), and the one on the right two years ago. I usd the one on the left with a Rolleicord Vb

Now I find myself using it today, why. I use the Lee 150 system, and the constant adding and removing filters (even back in the old Cokin days) was a pain. I find the sheer simplicity of setting up the camera and metering with the Weston faster and a lot more satisfying.

Being autistic (and 60 :) ), I have always enjoyed photography and Astronomy



Always on
Premium Member
You should ignore people that say you are wrong because they are obviously spouting what they have seen on YouTube or in a book.
It's all about enjoying how you go about what you do and the results you get .
Just do what you enjoy.