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Old Hand
just a couple of pics that I have taken with my new lens 70-300 sigma APO etc.not been out as much as I would have liked, but I will keep trying.rsz_img_3698.jpg rsz_img_3692.jpg rsz_img_3693.jpg


Active Member
I would suggest either widening your aperture if possible to increase shutter speed or if this is not possible up your iso, this will give a sharper result in low light.


Always on
Lovely photos Lynn. #1 just needs a levels adjustment to brighten it up a bit. #2 looks pretty OK. #3 looks a bit out of focus and a levels bump would brighten it up a bit. When you are practicing around the yard, take a few shots in "auto" and have a look at the settings for what the camera used to get an acceptable exposure. You might need to use Aperture Priority before jumping into manual mode - so you can see what settings the camera uses. Just my thoughts :)


Always on
I'd second Isac's suggestion of using Aperture Priority. Nothing wrong at all with using semi automatic settings and Aperture Priority gives you some flexibility with the depth of field (wider sharpens the object more and blurs the background). It also gives you a faster shutter speed which helps freeze the subject.