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Lensmaster RH-1 Gimbal Head


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After trawling the net for an affordable (to me) gimbal head to mount my Sigma 150-500mm lens on I was getting a little despondent.

I cannot afford or justify a Wimberley, I got fed up sending e-mails to Jobu re their Junior 3 head and getting no replies, I looked at the Manfrotto 393 for £129.00, good price but a bit overkill for my lens and very heavy too, good reviews though, so with all this I was getting fed up.
Then I happened across a review for a UK made Gimbal made by Lensmaster....who?, Lensmaster.

The reviews I read were very positive so I contacted Rob who manufactures these gimbals and I cannot begin to tell you how responsive and helpful he was.
I e-mailed on friday evening at 6.00 pm and 10 minutes later had a very satisfactory reply.
At 7.00 pm I oredered my gimbal, 5 mins later a reply from Rob that he would post it Saturday morning.
Saturday morning I had an e-mail from Rob stating he had posted the gimbal.
Monday morning at 8.20am it arrived, very impressed...so far.
Lensmaster make two gimbals, a sidemount and a top mount, I ordered the sidemount as it is lighter and more suited to my lens.
It came very well packed and I had to sign for it.
So then I opened it up to see what I had purchased.
It was very well finished and felt very solid and it did not look like a total overkill for my lens.
I mounted it on my tripod and had a play.

The instruction state that the adjustment knobs need no more than 1/4 turn to adjust from semi locked up to totally free running.

I found this to be absolutely spot on, you do not need too or should undo the adjusting knobs anymore or a bit of slack will be felt, but it works absolutely perfectly.

It operates on both axis very smoothly, the lens always stays in the position you left it and I have to say it is as good as I could hope for.

It has arca type mounting plates that come with the head, yes they are included in the price, yes I said THEY, there are two supplied, one at 50mm and one at 140mm length and they lock on solid.
How good is that, the plates are supplied inclusive.

Another good thing about this head is, it is easy to maintain, no tools required as you can strip it and clean the bearings in a few minutes should any nasties build up, no sealed units having to be sent back to manufacturer with this unit.
The gimbal has a needle roller bearing on each pivot and a PTFE bush as well for ease of movement.
O.K, it don't look as sexy as a Wimberley, who cares, it does a job, very well.
It is able to handle the exotic 300 f2.8 to 500 f4 lenses so is well up to the job.

The price... well the RH-1 sells at £117 inclusive of postage.

Take a look if you are after an affordable Gimbal Head



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Sweet and looks well up to your requirements.
I started off with the Manfrotto 393 then got the Wimberley MkII.
The Manfrotto is heavy and solid, it works great but both sides of lens are harder to get to with the struts at the sides, very usable though.
Opted for the Wimberley MkII, really like this unit, very easy to use and lock off etc, moves lovely to, no less than it should at its price.