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Lightroom Linux alternative


Well i ve been using lightroom from Adobe, for the last couple of months, to manage my photos library. i mostly use it to develop quickly / embed metadata, and export with persets.
My laptop is linux based, and i wanted to get some of this job done through it. i have seen few alternatives sites offer, but i wanted an opinion from someone that uses something in Linux

The alternatives i have found are:

Have you tried any of these? any other ideas maby?


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Try them they dont cost anything

I have tried Darktable seemed ok but I work mainly with windows so use Lightroom.

I have used the Gimp and Raw therapee they worked OK


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Funny!!!... I searched for lightroom linux alternatives and this post was one of the links. Here is a few more:

AfterShot Pay option
Gimp Reviews says it is very complete for the PRO photographer but, lack tools for mass editing.
Shotwell Very simple
Fotoxx Looks good for management
F-Spot Very simple, still got effects and so on...
Photivo It offers the most flexible and powerful denoise, sharpen and local contrast (fake HDR)... So, they said
UFRaw It comes as a standalone tool, but can also be integrated as a plugin for the photo editing software GIMP.
Pinta The linux version of Paint
Photoshop WINE Or simply run Photoshop in Linux with this Windows emulator for Linux environment!! Haven't look at details yet but, if it can run PS, it has to be able to run LR.
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A few links to how to run PS in Ubuntu... Working on this right now!

Complete guide to running Photoshop CS6 on Ubuntu 13.10
Running Adobe Photoshop on Wine

I've made a bootable pen drive with tools to backup, recover and fixing tools in general... In the same pen drive I also have an Ubuntu version with music editing programs which I use quite a lot when I'm not in my place and I need to do some music work editing, etc.. Now I got the idea to make a second Ubuntu for photography editing to add to the same pen drive to have a full arsenal of tools to take on my keyring for whatever occasional need.

Tools and guide to make this Pen drive and then just load .iso files on it ready to boot when needed


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I have RawTherapee version 4.2.26 up and running on my PC. I picked it up as the sharpening algorithms were said to be more advanced than Photoshop or Lightroom. Nice editor, lot of capability, the user interface is significantly different than anything else I've used (there's good and bad with that), and it seems to function quite well.