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Lightroom soft proofing.

Discussion in 'Photoshop & Editing Chat Forum' started by JBuck, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. JBuck

    JBuck Member

    Edit my images ?:
    Hoping some of you can help.
    I'm editing in Lightroom and have spent a lot of time getting some of my photos looking exactly as I want them to.
    I'm now looking to print for the first time in years and want to get accurate results, so after having decided on a printer DSCL in my case. I downloaded a paper profile so my images would be correct.
    Once I loaded it I created a virtual softproof copy within lightroom and can see a small colour shift.
    What I'd like to be able to do is see a compare view (with 2 images side by side) one of the original image and the second the current edited version of the soft proof and not the unedited softproof image (as this isn't helpful). Is there any way to do this?
    Hopefully I've explained that well enough.
  2. Snips

    Snips Always on

    Edit my images ?:
    I'd love to be able to answer this but I've never understood it.

    I think @Ramble Vision and @Ogofmole (?) have looked into this before and know about it. Steve (RV) might not be able to answer for a few days though.
  3. DonS

    DonS Stuck in Toronto Moderator

    Edit my images ?:
    Yes (recommended)
    I have never used this feature myself, but I could help with most other things!
  4. MikeB

    MikeB Always on Premium Member

    Edit my images ?:
    Yes (recommended)
    Using a virtual copy of a soft proof image is an interesting approach of maintaining the original image settings while setting up to print to a specific type of paper. However, you will be challenging Lightroom's workflow concept and fighting settings meant to protect final images. Also, if you are only ever going to print sRGB you might as well make those edits the proof. You may be making more work for yourself than necessary. Here's a similar discussion on The Luminous Landscape.

  5. Ramble Vision

    Ramble Vision Mountain Climber Super Moderator

    Edit my images ?:
    I have not managed to suss out soft proofing in light room and instead use photoshop.

    One thing that I don't like about Lightroom is you don't see the output sharpening before output as it does it in export.

    Where's in Photoshop you can apply the sizing and sharpening prior to export as well as view both versions of the image next to each other.

    Another thing I do is save specific asjustents I have made for specific printers and paper types in a group folder so I can turn on and of the relevant adjustments depending on what I'm printing .

    So with all these added options In Photoshop I've not really spent the time in LR

    there is a fairly extensive video about soft proofing in Lightroom on you tube, I found it when searching for softproofing tutorials , worth a look in there if you haven't allready

    Sorry I can't be of more help

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