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Maybe do some film again?


New Member
Nov 3, 2020
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Edit my images ?
After a long hiatus, I'm finally preparing to go active with My newest DSLR and recently acquired lenses.
While going through my old photo gear, I found a number of rolls of chrome film.
It has mainly been stored from 0° to -20°F except for a few short scattered periods of a month or two each max out of refrigeration.
They have expiration dates of 2000/2001.
15 rolls of Velvia 50; 4 rolls of Agfa RSX50; 2 of E100VS: and a scattering of various B&Ws and others.

I just dug out my old N8008 with its MF-21 back.
Things look to be OK.
I'm tempted to shoot some and process it to see how it comes out.
They're awfully old even though they've been well refrigerated.

I'm leery because part of the reason I quit film is that mail-order processing began to be very inconsistent.
I think the reduction in processing due to the advent of digital made for poor upkeep of the chemicals.
Now, there are not many places to get film processed.

From online there appears to be at least 1 film processor in Honolulu.
If I get a good feeling about it, I might try shooting 1 roll of Velvia to see what happens.

Suggestions, thoughts, advice?