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Mini LED light panel

Discussion in 'Studio Lighting Forum' started by Col300D, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Col300D

    Col300D Member

    Hi All,

    Hopefully I have put this in the right place.

    I have a cheap LED light panel to sit above my camera for indoor shots (I find the flash far too bright) and plan to use it for additional lighting for indoor video recording to get clearer/sharper footage.

    At the moment I’m finding the light very harsh and the focus object (generally me) looks oddly lit compared to my surroundings.
    The panel comes with a blue, white and orange filter and the brightness is adjustable but the colours look sort of unnatural and adjustment is either slightly too bright or dull.

    My questions are -

    Is there a filter colour that would look more natural for this type of setting?
    Is it likely that the light is too cheap and I would be better off investing a little more in something that will provide a softer yet still bright light?
    Would I be better off trying to improve the colour/brightness during editing (iMovie)?

    I’m pretty new to this camera (compact Sony HX80) and bought it as a more portable option to a camcorder for YouTube, I don’t want to lug around loads of gear as it sort of defeats my purpose but happy to carry a small light source if that’s what it takes to get the best video quality.

    Hope that all makes sense and any help is appreciated.

    Cheers, Col
  2. MikeB

    MikeB Always on Premium Member

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    Using a filter that modifies the LED lighting to the ambient light is typical. Filter material is available for tungsten and fluorescent lighting at most camera shops.
  3. steve b

    steve b Always on

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    I did reply to your question about a sock for the light, this should tone it down a bit.
  4. Col300D

    Col300D Member

    Thanks Steve, I did see it and had posted this before seeing your other thread talking about the light panel.

    Cheers, Col
  5. GJ Vernon

    GJ Vernon Account Closed

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    Yes it would be better to invest an LED panel with more functions especially if you do video work. I tried the Rotolight Neo a while back, but now there is a new version which is 85% brighter and does the job
    for both photography and video. It can handle HSS flash as well with zero recycle time. Also there's a built-in kelvin display for adjusting both flash and continuous light. My experience of the original Neo was that is
    was under-powered slightly, this new version seems a lot more capable with portraits and ideal for videography.. The company has recently introduced compatibility with the Elinchrom Skyport trigger.
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