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Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
In Europe, this is quite acceptable and most countries provide areas especially for motorhomes or camping-cars as they're mostly called. This is great because facilities are provided for the disposal of waste and collection of fresh water.
That's what surprised me about living out in the Pyrenees, down a lot of the main roads there are signage for the offloading spots, and it's not uncommon to find the vans parked in any old spot. Come to think of it, I've never seen any trouble or piles of rubbish from the travelling community either (they usually work the fairs and festivals around here) and the town councils even go as far as tapping the water mains and sewage lines for them to hook their vans in to.


Always on
Premium Member
Got it home no problem. Gonna get the timing belt changed next week for peace of mind and maybe a wee service. Off to buy some tools and bits and pieces to keep in her.


Always on
Premium Member
Right, second time lucky (excuse the crappy mobile pics but you get the idea).

Fiat Ducato, Sea Dinghy 3 (bizarre name for a vehicle), 2.0 diesel, 4 berth (tho it could sleep 5), rear galley and wet room, 6 seat belts, wind out Fiamma awning, 10 months MOT and less than 33k on the clock. It'll do for starters.

Yeah, Reb the top bunk is pretty spacious.


Grumpy John

Here a lot
Nice looking unit mate. Is it left hand drive? I'm asking because the door into the back is usually on the passenger side.


Always on
Premium Member
Glad to see the grab handle by the back door just so you dont fall, always liked the awning on the side but never got around to getting on, had to bugger about putting the awning up. Enjoy it mucker and if you go past J28 on the six always welcome.

ed taylor

Super Ed
Super Moderator
A motor home has been on my wish list for many years. Doubt it will become a reality though. But you never know..


Always on

Not really a motor home but a little camper van that I’ve been restoring over the last few years, she’s on the road and I’m loving the vw scene and the experience of owning a classic splitty.

Edit: image won’t load
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