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My 4th Daughter's Wedding

Discussion in 'Wedding Images Forum' started by ImSoQuazy, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. ImSoQuazy

    ImSoQuazy Well-Known Member

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    NO, it's not the fourth time she marries...
    It's my fourth daughter in line to be married. Yes I have 5 girls, ages 37 to 20 and after getting a 2nd no 3rd chance in life I've bee provided with our 6th Son (Sebastian) and Natalia is in the oven due Oct 6th. Grand total you ask... Registered to me under my name with all of my support, their are only 7 TOTAL!
    Daniella gets married in Kalispell , MT, commissions a professional photographer because she dos not want dad to take her photos as she would prefer that dad enjoys the gathering... But Dad is going bonkers watching the professional photographer work her magic with a $300 piece of gear kit lens sand all. Shooting straight into the sun, eyes squinting... uh.. my nerves. I politely ask if I could just from afar and when she was done, if I could take photos of my daughter when she was done doing her thing. At first she wanted to know who I was when I brought out my gear. Not to impress anyone here, or anywhere but I do have okay gear. Nikon D600, Nikkor 70-200 2.8, Nikkor 50 1.8, flashes, shoot thruogh umbrellas, stands tripods... I carried it all and these are some of the images I'm sharing for your viewing pleasure and critiques please...
    FYI, I do not have any profesinally paid for photos from the pros yes... I'm not looking to compare and make waves... Ik, maybt a little... Yus I really want to see if I am a tad better and some else out there... Thoughts?
    Thank you ,
    Paul DSC_5699.jpg DSC_5704.jpg DSC_5710.jpg DSC_5713.jpg DSC_5724.jpg DSC_5729.jpg DSC_5761.jpg DSC_5815.jpg DSC_5844.jpg DSC_5895.jpg
  2. Roger S

    Roger S Crazy Canuck Administrator

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    All in all, this is a really good set. I've definitely seen worse from some so called pros. Your daughter shouls be quite pleased with them.
  3. MickT

    MickT Always on Honorary Life Member

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    Hiya - good wedding photography imho first and foremost is about getting the light right and expression. After that it's about technical things - things that actually do make a difference to the end result - the difference between a 'snap' and a professional shot. Taking all that into account I really like your first shot - the lower part of the dress is blown so I would probably crop it just below waist level - but the back lighting and expression is spot on. In terms of set up / technical bits in that shot the bride is holding the bouquet a touch too high - if she had her hands lower (waist level) and her elbows out slightly you would see her 'shape / figure' more - this does depend on the 'build' of the bride but in this instance it would work better. Also, I see so many shots with the bride and bridesmaids holding their flowers like a 'club' - just get them to tilt them towards you and you see all the flowers / colour and not the stalks. Hope these few comments help - good go matey - getting the light right and expression is first and foremost and you nailed it in that shot. Cheers, Mick
    Ps - you really don't need all the gear you quoted to get great shots :)

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