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My Sons


Active Member
Just back from a lovely walk with the family. Trying out my new camera and portraiture which I am particularly week at. Hence all C+C welcome.

DSC_8067.jpg DSC_8068.jpg
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I'm no portrait expert but I'd be very happy with them. A golden rule I was told (by a pro portrait taker and someone on here mentioned it too) was not to cut/crop through joints so the shoulder in the second might be a slight concern. The crop could be either tighter or looser to resolve. Still, overall damn fine pictures.

Dirty Leeds supporter too.:D Hopefully they'll get back to the Prem for next season where they belong.


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Thanks for the reply and thats the type of advice I was after re the composition/crop. Massive Leeds fans these two and will be the fist time they have seen the mighty whites in the prem unlike Dad who reminisces of league title and champions league.

Stephen F

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Two competent shots and lovely and sharp on the eyes with nice bohka ( defused background ) Like the first more for the composition and the skin tones, in the second shot the skin tones seem a little over exposed , which should be an easy fix but both pleasing shots.

Walter Palmer

New Member
Great start! Color balance looks cold to me. And a touch overexposed. These are good images. You might also try having the boys doing something so they look more 'natural setting' than staring at a camera. Just something as simple as talking to each other helps make them look like themselves - rather than their 'Stepford Selves'.


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Love the eyes and matching hat colours!

I supported them when I was about 10 - in the days of Peter Lorimer but judging by your sons' ages you'll have to look him up. Found the darker side more recently of Newcastle but if I'm honest I couldn't name a single player now! Just relieved they're not in the relegation zone - at least they weren't last Monday :)

Check out the comments above then get these printed. A 5x4/10x8 is a flattering crop (portrait or landscape) for portrait shots in my opinion.


Always on
They look a bit overly bright but like was mentioned above, very easy to fix. I like the way you have presented these in landscape, to me it suits the images.
You're off to a great start.

I'm not calibrated but the wb looks a little cool to me, although I love how blue his eyes are.

It looks like you were shooting in flat light, so a great tip would be to have him look upwards slightly in order to get a catchlight in the eyes, alternatively you could have him close to a building or other structure to introduce some shading on one side of his face.

I love the depth of field and you got the eyes perfectly sharp so well done.