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My website - crit welcome

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The wedding photography links (Hertfordshire, Maidstone, Nottingham etc) on first impression look as if they belong to other wedding photographers until you click on the links and see your logo, just slightly confusing (at least for me)


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The links along the top - they seem to be links to galleries of images but the titles are confusing. I'm wondering why they are called things like "Hertfordshire Wedding Photographers", I would expect to see a list of photographers doing Weddings in Hertfordshire rather than seeing a collection of wedding images, presumably taken in Hertfordshire. Also you have one called 'Kent Wedding Photographer' and another called 'Wedding Photographer Kent' - what's the difference? I think you need to titles these links more appropriately.
It's not immediately obvious that those heading links scroll horizontally, until you notice the little arrows under them at the right.

The main title on the front page is 'London Wedding Photographers', again, this suggests a group of photographers who do weddings in London, not an individual business. Same applies to the links at the bottom, these are links to galleries, not to photographers. It's almost like you are using these phrases specifically for SEO purposes to get the phrases mentioned on the front page, but they're not really relevant to the content.
The links on the Gallery page appear to be the same links that are along the top of the front page with the same titles. It seems incongruous to have links entitled by county where others are entitled by town or even a specific church. I think you should stick to one form of naming be that the town, the church, the county or the name of the couple, but mixing them seems strange.

Your about page is titled 'About London Wedding Photographer'. Why refer to yourself by something other than your name or business name? Is London your main focus, is there a link somewhere else for 'About Kent Wedding Photographer' if so are they Dilip or DHK or indeed, someone else? (get someone else to spell check your pages as it is often difficult to notice your own mistakes, for instance 'whispered' is spelled wrongly).
The pricing page says the same, London Wedding Photographers price list, is anyone not in London going to need to look for another page for the prices for Hertfordshire, wouldn't it be better to say 'DHK Photography Pricing'? (albums is misspelled)

Other than that, the website looks neat and crisp, the images load quickly for me, which is great and you have loads of great images there.


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On my machine this loads rather slowly. Once loaded, all good. I am not the type who would read all you wrote there. But easy enough, I can skip what I do not want to read and focus on the rest.
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