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My website Isac Images Digital Photography


Always on
I am not a professional photographer (as yet) but I think I fall into the category of "wanna be". I do my best and I'm a real quick learner. My buzz is Photoshop (currently CS6) which I feel I am pretty competent at. I also like to develop websites using WYSIWYG Web Builder. I find it's excellent for beginners who want to make their own site. I use Filezilla for uploading files to my site. It's only AU$60 (under £35). I pay AU$10.50 for my domain name and AU$36 per year for hosting. That's AU$46.50 per year (£34). I make sites for others which gets me that all back so that's a bonus.
I'e been doing photo restoration for many years and colouring of black & wgites which also helps pay for the site, and I hope to get that incorporated in my site (when time permits). Here's my site if you want to take a look. Isac Images Digital Photography. Typing "isacimages" in Google should be close to the top of the list.


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Just had a look and really liking your photography and variety. Great price and your AU$46.50 goes a long way!


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Nice looking site. Love some of them big Yank cars.
Thanks for looking @JAH-WAR Most of the cars are snaps from around the streets. I do have a few more. I should get them onto the site as well.
Just had a look and really liking your photography and variety. Great price and your AU$46.50 goes a long way!
Thanks @Snips I think its pretty cheap. Their after sales service is the best I have ever come across - they are so helpful and very professional. Because I have signed up a few client to go with them, they called to personally thank me and a few days later I received a cap in the mail. It's not a big deal and they didn't have to do that, but that's just who they are. I had a few issues when starting with them (my fault - not their's) and they were very helpful and they had the problems sorted quickly. I wish I could promote their service world wide. They are called ZUVER and here's the cap they sent me. :)