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NEW - Roller Banner Forum Offer


Always on
Super Admin
I have just secured an offer for the forum for roller banners if anybody is interested. I think for the quality you cant find them any cheaper !!!

I can 100% say the banners are top quality as I have had 2 of them for the last 12 months and they are as good now as they were the first day I got them.

They come complete with carry case etc.


£75 if you can collect from me

£87 and its couriered to your door next day.

They can supply a halogen light that slots in the top of back pole (I have this on both mine and it does make a big difference.


£99 if you can collect from me

£111 and its couriered to your door next day.

These are printed by a PRO lab so no dodgy printing etc.

If your interested you have to supply me with your artwork

Dimensions of the banner artwork are

2000mm by 800mm - no bleed is required.

If your interested please either PM me or email to



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Forum Photobomber
Wow, that is pretty darn cheap! Very nice deal, if only I had an excuse to buy one.....

edit: you have the same alarm panel as me. :roll:


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Super Admin
i have 4 of those in the house and every one the drop down flap hinge has gone soft and it doesn't close fully :-0 really annoying


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Honorary Life Member
Martin - you're a star....I'm after two of these things and had just started trawling the net for prices....from what I've seen so far this is a great deal :) I'll be in touch when I've got the art work sorted - presume I can have different artwork on each (want one for weddings and one for porty's/studio)....ohhh...and is there a time limit on the offer (might want to shoot something specifically for them)? BTW - yours looks great :)


Always on
Super Admin
Yes and No :)

Yes - yes you can have different artwork on every banner and No - no time limit

remember dimensions and dpi doesn't have to be more than 240.


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Super Admin
you can come and collect or we can meet - rally car is based in Heald Green so always over that way ish.


Always on
Why do I find myself really wanting one and have absolutely no reason on earth to have one.

With a light of course. Lol


Always on
Honorary Life Member
Got two of these with lights today - they're great quality - I'm well chuffed :) Thanks for this Martin :)