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Nikon FM2 lens problem.

Zenit E cat

New Member
I am seeking help here please. My trusty Nikon FM2 has decided to not let go of the 20mm Nikkor Ai lens. The lens detent release button functions and the lens rotates BUT it stops just short of coming off !!!. Does anyone have any bright ideas as to the problem and its cure please ?.

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
Hello and welcome to the forum. OK, first of all, look to see if the aperture blades are fully open, ie: f/1.8. If not, hit your DOF preview lever a couple of times to see if you can "unstick" the aperture. It's possible that the aperture connection lever is in the way of the lens releasing.
If that fails but you are comfortable mucking about with your camera, use something like an Xacto blade to slide between the body and lens mount and attempt to wiggle the lens lock pin out of the locking slot while holding in the unlock button. Sometimes those pins can be dirty enough that they refuse to slide out on their own.

Zenit E cat

New Member
Thank you for the welcome to the forum.
I must say that this is quite unusual as the lens has been on and of many times but its still pretty much new as i havnt used the camera for about 15 years.
I just put it on one day and could,nt get it off again and did not force it. It would be helpful to me if you had some pictures or diagrams of the area in question and pointed out the technique , of where to insert the knife, any chance of that please. I will give anything a go with caution. Could it also be grit or a small screw come loose and would it also be a mirror. Its a mystery.

Many thanks


Always on
Premium Member
Roger's explanation is pretty good. If it doesn't make any sense, consider sending the camera to a camera repair shop. If the lens has been on the camera unused for 15 years then it is possible that the lubricant on the aperture connection lever or the lens lock pin dried out making their necessary movement more difficult. Gently warming the lens (for example with a hair dryer) may help loosen the lubricant. Do not use any sprays (such as WD-40) as you may damage both the camera and lens.


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
One thing I find when things can either be caked on with muck or dried out and sticky on my Nikons are sometimes making sure the aperture is getting hold of the aperture ring and rolling that backwards and forwards a few times quickly (I know the lever is only floating but sometimes the movement is enough to dislodge things, or feel if if there's something else amiss), and the other is to push in the lens release button hard, and roll the lens to the release point and back a few times whilst pulling it forwards as if you were going to pull it straight off the camera also this will indicate (as above) if there's anything else that feels amiss.

It could be the aperture lever that's dried, it could be the release pin that's not depressing all the way for drying out and detritus build up or it could be a general build up of stuff between the mount faces on the camera and lens or it could be that in the time that it's not been used it's picked up a knock or two and the lens/camera mounts are out of whack. If it's a lubrication issue it should come clear with not too much effort, but if it gets to the point of feeling frustration on what you are trying is not working, then take it to a camera repairer.