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Not a very good look!


Always on
I was very disappointed in the lack of sportsmanship shown by the English Rugby team in the childish act of not wearing the silver medal ......runners up not good enough?
Well done to South Africa!


Old Hand
Premium Member
G'day WG

I can't help you here matey as I have zero interest in thugby of whatever code it calls itself.

However, if there is poor sportsmanship shown at any time, it does not help the person / team with their endeavours. We have a certain Aussie pro-tennis player who is renown for his lack of sportsmanship ~ while not the topic of your post, this bloke is one I would remove from the Aussie tennis circuit permanently



Always on
Phil we all have our preferences , Rugby ,both Union and League is mine having played both and continue to follow both. No disrespect to other codes .I just felt that the English team ,not all of the players ,showed a lack of respect to the South African team and to the game as a whole. The English as a team played wonderful football in the lead up to the final and were expected to be the World Champions ,maybe there was a bit too much arrogance and expectation. If ever a country deserved to win it was South Africa , a country with so many problems ,this win brought them as a nation together . I hope it lasts and what an inspiration to have a black South African captain.


Always on
Phil I agree entirely regarding the tennis brats ........there are two and Tennis Australia should exempt from international tournaments .