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Now there are only four.

Discussion in 'Plants, Animals & Insects Photography Forum' started by winchestergoose, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. winchestergoose

    winchestergoose Always on

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  2. u8myufo

    u8myufo Always on Premium Member

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    A good effort,not sure if you are looking to improve in future or not,but a few points you may want to consider next time.You may want to give it a bit more room on the right of the frame and take some dead space away from the bottom.The image itself looks a bit unerexposed also.The waters edge as you can see is running down to the right,if the software you have allows,then using the rotation tool by a degree or two in whichever direction is needed can be done before you finally crop the image.
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  3. JAH-WAR

    JAH-WAR Always on Premium Member

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