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Oklahoma Ranch

Discussion in 'Landscape Photography Forum' started by David_MC, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. David_MC

    David_MC Always on

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    Spent the morning exploring a park I've never been to before. Spring Creek Park on the western shores of Lake Arcadia was closed for a few months while the City of Edmond improved the trail system in the park. The new trail runs adjacent to a small ranch that provided me with my best photos from the morning. The clouds were thick in the morning which precluded any chance of snapping a sunrise shot and directed my black and white processing for the first few images. But as the morning progressed the clouds dispersed allowing me to capture some warmer images. The B&W images were processed in Silver Efex Pro and the the color images where processed in Color Efex Pro to bring out the warmth of the morning sun.

    1) Windmill
    [​IMG]IMG_0322-Edit by David Covarrubias, on Flickr

    2) Bird Perch
    [​IMG]IMG_0326-Edit by David Covarrubias, on Flickr

    3) Two in a field.
    [​IMG]IMG_0323-Edit by David Covarrubias, on Flickr

    4) Warm light.
    [​IMG]IMG_0342-Edit by David Covarrubias, on Flickr

    5) Three on a hill.
    [​IMG]IMG_0343-Edit by David Covarrubias, on Flickr

    6) Two in one.
    [​IMG]IMG_0344-Edit by David Covarrubias, on Flickr
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  2. Jason

    Jason Always on Premium Member

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    You’ve caught some great colour in the last three David, #4 is especially good - it’s a cracking pic with lovely light.
  3. arteta

    arteta Always on

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    Yes #4 for me too. Treatments worked well. Nice shots David

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