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Always on
Premium Member
or the third option, I’m a bit dull :doh:

don’t mind critique at all however, thanks for pointing this out .
Well, any crit I have is well meant to help.
I noticed that you do post "quite" a bit, showing you do enjoy shooting.

First, try to get eye level as much as you can with the subject. With that- get the eye, and most importantly; in focus.
I can hardly see the eye here.
Plus- make every attempt to get the whole in focus, but again..everyone wants to see their eyes.

Composition- top left is a bit distracting- especially the poo. A zoo shot? No problem...just keep in mind what else is in the shot. Bottom right tail? Can be a bit more forgiven.

Exposure- you did pretty well with the penguin...especially the whites.

Subjects- a penguin is a good subject!

This one has lost some "quality" due to camera shake and your f stop.
Shutter speed at 1/33 is pretty slow...that would take some steady hands and a bit of experience... practice and see what you can handle and if need be bump that iso, even up to 800 to get that shutter speed.
I woul go around anywhere f5.6- f8.


Well-Known Member
Thanks Pteranodon, I do enjoy shooting and I hope to improve for sure, so all crit gratefully received. Yup a zoo shot as you said, I’ll beat the rest in mind.... feel free to crit anything I post ... thanks again :thanks: