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Photography Podcasts?


Stuck in Toronto
Since I have a long drive to and from work I had been listening to audiobooks but have now moved onto podcasts.

I have been listening to https://photogeekweekly.com/ with Don Komarechka (known as the snowflake photo guy) and it is pretty good.

Any suggestions that you like that I should take a listen to?


Looking for a cause.
we listen to audiobooks when driving down to Wales and back, we like the "Who done it " types of mysteries.


Always on
So no one?
Must admit I've not heard of this game - heard of audiobooks but presumed that was fiction only - perhaps it's a little like those who've watched YouTube videos and those who've not or not even heard of YouTube?


Stuck in Toronto
I have been trying out some. I even went to the PetaPixel one. I now understand why the website is the way it is. Mike James does his podcast like a bad 80's "shock jock" DJ. He talks with a weird, on purpose, inflection in his voice. Between topics he says "Next!" in an odd voice and then plays a 2 second music clip. The topics covered are good, but he is just so pathetically bad at the presentation.

John Bruce

Well-Known Member
My commute to work is a five hour drive so I've been listening to Chelsea and Tony Nothrup's podcasts on the way. They have some interesting topics, especially regarding the history of the various camera companies. Worth a listen if you have an interest in that sort of thing.


New Member
Chelsea and Tony along with B&H are my current photo podcasts. I’m also going to try out a few mentioned previously in this thread.


Well-Known Member
I enjoy the Photo Nerds podcast, which consists of Adam from First Man Photography, Gary Gough & Paul G Johnson. They all have their own individual YouTube channels which I also follow.

Hopefully the humour & style survives travelling across the Atlantic

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