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Pls help.. Pixelation from seamless backdrop

Discussion in 'Studio Lighting Forum' started by Magid, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Magid

    Magid New Member

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    Greetings my dear brothers in arms

    So i am having this problem when shooting against a seamless backdrop, specially black.
    My subject is super sharp but my BG is not (please check picture).
    I am seeing the same pixelation in RAW and Jpeg, like blocks of pixels happening in the backdrop not only from Jpeg but from RAW as well so i don't think it's a compression thing.

    I am using a Fuji XT2 with a 56mm 1.2 lens.
    My subject is around 2 meters away from backdrop and lit with 1 octa with a strobe aiming at the subject from top center.

    Is it from the texture of the seamless paper? is it because the paper is not well stretched? is it humidity? is it a camera sensor problem? Will replacing the seamless with a muslin backdrop or vinyl will solve the problem ? Why apples are not purple ?

    I really need your help guys !
    Thanks in advance.


    DSCF5164_s.jpg DSCF5164_closer.jpg
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2017
  2. hooferinsane

    hooferinsane EXIF Seeker Super Moderator

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    Hi and welcome. I have made your images full size for you, don't forget to press the 'full image' button when you upload
    Someone should be along to help soon
  3. Paul-H

    Paul-H Well-Known Member

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    Could it just be noise from the under exposed background?
  4. steve b

    steve b Always on Premium Member

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    I don't see any pixelation, other than that of my screen, which is minimal.
  5. tenchy

    tenchy Rain maker Administrator

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    I'm not seeing it either on my phone, but looking at this sample I would guess it's noise or banding if you are working in 8 bit images.
    However I would also say that ideally you would want the background to not be sharp when shooting portraits. The depth of field is usually set to deliberately soften the background
  6. oldgeezer

    oldgeezer Always on Premium Member

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    Yeah, totally agree.
    Also to avoid this the subject to BG needs to be further away otherwise light contamination if it is slight will give this effect. Because you are getting a very dark and minimal gradient, especially dark areas show up as pixelation so when shooting on black BG keep any light off it or get the subject further away or just sort it out in post as with a pure white BG , it can be easily sorted if you know how.
  7. MikeB

    MikeB Always on Premium Member

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    If the camera is capturing images with any compression (M or S) then it is an issue of compression. Only use the non-compression raw file format (L). Compression whether for raw or JPEG applies greater compression to areas having less pixel-to-pixel differentiation. Compression harms subtle transitions.
  8. DonS

    DonS Stuck in Toronto Moderator

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    I think I see what you mean. There is no EXIF info in the photos. What are the settings? I suspect the DoF as mentioned above.

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