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Poverty lies below


EXIF Seeker
Super Moderator
No disrespect or criticism of the homeless here. It was just the image of the person asleep between two bank service tills. Borough High Street, London.



Always on
Premium Member
There were so many like this all over London today Pete
i know Brian. It's very sad that it is getting worse all over the country but government don't really give a s##t.

It used to be tramps and junkies but not the case anymore. The way people are treated, it's like ethnic cleansing as far as I'm concerned.
Bankers and politicians cause massive trauma and have no comeback. Not gonna change though.

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
This is obscene in 2018.
My sentiments exactly. :(

However, your image here is very poignant and relevant to the situation in many of our so called affluent countries, Brian. The fact that someone homeless can be between machines which spit out cash to the better off, yet still has to sleep on the street makes a stark reminder to the rest of us.


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Premium Member
A sad but moving shot. In my town it was as Oldgeezer said tramps and junkies but now in my town there is so many homeless people sleeping in doorways or in the local park and woodlands.
20 trillion dollar economy and still find plenty of homeless people. This is USA. I had volunteered in 2012 to get a headcount of homeless in San Francisco for the human services agency.
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Looking for a cause.
That Brian is a very powerful image, just so sad to see it in this modern age.

Robbie S

Well-Known Member
Thank you for having the courage to post that image Brian. Here in NZ we are not at all immune from the ravages of the relocation of wealth to the few.

Stephen F

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Premium Member
Bloody shocking in a G8 country ,mind the bloody politicians wont be going without . It really is the pits.Great documentary style shot .


Always on
I spent a year in 1984 and 1990 living in your country, seems things have not changed. Dare I say it but some times people do choose to live live this. Having said that I appreciate the technical quality of the shot.

I might add it would take an exceptional government to be able to do anything about it.
Poverty has always been and will continue to be so.
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I love the juxtaposition of the homeless person and the ATMs, they also create a triangle.

The country is a mess, like has been said, it used to be people with social problems who found themselves homeless, now it could be anyone, and all the while, consumerism is sky rocketing.

A great political photo!