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Print Resolution at less than 300DPI


Always on
I had to print a photograph today (which I posted on the forum quite a while back).

Nothing special - it's a bee on a fuschia - the DPI numbers below interest me though
Bee 50607-0950 10x8 235.jpg

For a 10x8 so this would normally be a minimum of 3000px x 2400px.

The image size I printed was 1218px x 1523px and what surprised me is I couldn't tell any difference between a "full resolution" or this which is 50% of the recommended printing size. Whether this is the printer I have (quite expensive) or something else I have no idea but it's encouraging to think that I can get away with much smaller images for printing at this size and larger.

And, looked at another way, I'm selling digital copies of 1200px on the longest side for £5. This means customers can print a 7x5 for £5 instead of the £10 that I charge.

Me thinks that I should put up smaller files on to my website but here's the catch - if I upload files of 250Kb, they don't look half as good as the 1Mb files so I probably won't sell as many.


Always on
Premium Member
Might work Ed if you declare on the site that the images are only low res on the site and final file will show much more detail , as low res preview doesn't deter customers from P4M etc