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Want Pointers product shot - bandana


New Member

I'm looking for advice on taking a pic of a bandana bib.

I like the look of this example https://www.flickr.com/photos/146299714@N06/30760724246 but really struggled to get anything close as the product I have is smaller and thinner material.

I currently think thing e only way is to soak in PVA glue and shape then let it dry the shoot then.

Anyone got advice and how to setup this type of photo.

I've re-touched 10,000's of photos for major ads so retouching isn't an issue but need something to start with which isn't poor..

don't shoot me down but half tempted to 3d model something like this.


Roger S

Crazy Canuck
Hello and WELCOME to the forum. The example you have linked to seems to have been modelled on one of those white plastic mannequin busts that they also photograph necklaces on, and then had the mannequin edited out.


New Member
Thanks for the welcome!

Yeh just looking right now to buy a cheap one. I've seen other similar shots that show the inside of the bandana so assume that's glue of wire.

I've shot them flat to show the fabric pattern which look pretty good but just doesn't showcase the product to the customer. It needs to be like someone is wearing it.

I think a mannequin may be the only way..

Ramble Vision

Mountain Climber
Super Moderator
looks good to me. maybe lift the exposure a slight touch. but otherwise the lighting is nice, sows he shape well.