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Rain cover

Richard Davies

Well-Known Member
Looking for a rain cover for D500 with 200-500. Main use is sport so need easy access for zooming and to put on or off . Advice much appreciated


Always on
The D500 has weather sealing, as long as your lens is the same, Keep the hood on the lens and let it get wet. Cant help on a rain cover as I'v never used one.


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
Just to add a bit to the above, without a cover make sure that the little plastic thing for the hotshoe is in place and the ports aren't opened up, if you're not using a grip make sure that one on the bottom has it's rubber in place. The heavy duty hundred series from Nikon can take a serious amount of rain (or beer) without complaining; I'm sure at times mine squeak to me "Seriously, are we really going home, is that all you can take?".


Always on
I use those rain sleeves - they're okay but I'm not sure they'll work for a 500mm lens. I use them on a 70-200mm and there is spare space in front for a longer lens.

I also take towels as well, especially when we're printing on the day, as hands don't dry out that quickly on some days and you're fiddling around changing memory cards and batteries.


Stuck in Toronto
Good point, I missed the 500mm part, they may not be long enough.


Always on
Premium Member
I use the Vortex Storm Jacket. They are made to several different lengths. They work great but are a pain to use with cinching up the lens, keeping the OVF or LCD clear, connecting to a tripod, and accessing the lens to change focal length. But if you're in a downpour and need to keep shooting, they do the trick. They also do a good job insulating the camera in cold conditions.

I carry the small plastic rain covers as well as they are easy to pack and inexpensive.


Always on
Premium Member
Avoid like the plague any of those silly ones that have hand holes at the sides. When I destroyed a camera shooting windsurfing from the shore dump I got one of those and a right pain in the harris it was. A total waste of money and effort. After trying loads I ended up with a very simple one from Stealth Gear who have sadly gone the way of the dodo hopefully not as a result of me fixing their website years ago. There are still some of their simple rain covers available on Amazon though and they are excellent.

I find this type of cover the best, a few other companies make similar. The only drawback is you do need to give them a coat of nikwax once a year to keep them fully waterproof but I just do that when I do my walking boots.