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Remote releases

Discussion in 'Photography Chat Forum' started by Phill104, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Phill104

    Phill104 Old Hand Premium Member

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    I recently got a Pixel wireless timer remote for some wildlife shooting. It replaced my Hama one which was frankly a pain in the Harris. The Hama shuts down after a bit to preserve battery, but only on the remote end. Restarting was slow and awkward. The receiver would switch itself on in my bag killing the batteries. The pixel is cheap, responsive and uses batteries I can actually buy in normal shops.

    I also looked at the OEM devices and they were either way over priced, costing hundreds in some cases, or infra red based which is a bit useless for my needs. It did get me thinking though, are devices like this soon to be a thing of the past. With WiFi and Bluetooth common in many cameras now I cannot think of a reason why this type of device, or even wired remotes, will last. I will keep using them as my 7D2, 7D and my 5D3 don’t have WiFi or Bluetooth and I cannot see me upgrading them for some time to come. I also would rather not rely on the battery life of my iPhone as a trigger.
  2. DonS

    DonS Stuck in Toronto Moderator

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    I would think Bluetooth will be the one coming. The newer standards of BT use very little power and still have around a 30 foot range.

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