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Replacement inks for epson Stylus1400


Well-Known Member
Hello all ... I've just been thinking of replacing the inks on my Epson Photo Stylus 1400 (which has been a great printer to date) and am shocked to discover a full set (of 6) now costs nearly £90.00!!

Can anyone recommend a replacement ink which is a bit more affordable (paid around £65 for the last lot) but which gives good results. I have always used the branded stuff, but that's getting silly.

Thanks all ... off to do a bit of research .....


Always on
Premium Member
My old Epson used 3rd party inks but my new 760 don't like them at all.
I spend more time trying to get decent colour but I will get genuine next to each.
It even tells me they are not genuine which annoys the hell out of me.


Well-Known Member
Thanks Peter ... I've ordered a set from 999inks and we'll see how it goes. Around half the price of the Epson ones, but I'm wondering if it's time I braved one of the commercial print outfits. At around a quid or less per image, I could get a lot of prints for the price of a set of inks. Shame, because the 1400 had been a great printer ...


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Premium Member
Several companies reverse engineer the inks and dyes produced by Epson, Canon, etc. with different levels of success. In addition to the ink having to be correctly formulated for the printer to use without gumming it up, it also needs be mix properly with the other inks, perform well with various papers, and have the same ICC profile as the original material. It is true that the manufacturers make more of a profit on their inks than their printers, but if you want consistent and dependable service from your printer, I recommend sticking with the manufacturer's inks and dyes.