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Sad News About Gums


Hello all.
Some of you may remember my grandad known as Gums here on the forum. Whilst his presence has somewhat been very little here over the last year or so, I know he used to have great pleasure visiting and posting here on many an occasion.
I am sad to tell those who may remember him that unfortunately Gums passed away on the 18th of October 2019. I'm sure he would want those who he conversed with on here to know.
If it would also be possible for a member of the admin team to close out his account for me, I would be grateful.

Kind regards



Always on
Premium Member
Remember him well. Very sad for your loss and also a loss for us here who remember him as a constant presence on the forum.


Stuck in Toronto
So sorry for your loss. I also think it is great that you took the time to come on and let us know.


Well-Known Member
Premium Member
So sorry to hear of your loss - my condolences.

Remember the good times. The pain and hurt of his passing will never leave you, but it will ease with time.


Always on
Sorry for your loss. I’v had a break from the forum so don’t recall the name, but regardless, thanks for reaching out to the forum with this sad news

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
I'm so sorry for your loss, Mike. My condolences to yourself and all of Gums' family.

It was very kind of you to come on here and let us know. As you request, his account can be removed.


Rain maker
So sorry to hear this and for your loss of course.

Yes I remember him very well, and very fondly. He always popped in with a witty quip.
A pleasure to have as a member and a well respected member, and I always pictured him as a true gent and a good laugh.
I am very sorry to hear the news, but do appreciate you coming to let us know, many thanks.

Rip Jim


Always on
Honorary Life Member
Sorry for your loss and thanks for letting us know .

I enjoyed reading and responding to Jims posts I know for the last few years he struggled to post on the forum ......he was a well beloved member of the forum with a good sense of humour.


Forum Photobomber
Soo sorry to hear, thoughts to you and your family.
always enjoyed his contributions to the forum, particularly his humour and positive attitude.