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Selling Photos on your website

Lee Levy

New Member

I am a web designer, I have done tons of websites for photographers but NONE that required selling images online. Other than SMUGMUG which my client DOES NOT WANT, do any of you have a service or a site that SELLS photos online and who do you use? In my experience with Wordpress, uploading thousands of images will VERY MUCH slow the site down so I'm seeking other suggestions for my client. Thanks in advance for your help!


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TheImageFile works really well for me. Before this company I used Zenfolio.

I do my own printing so upload small jpegs (1200px on the longest side and usually only 165kb) - I have 54,000 images taking up 33Gb in many galleries and pages load quickly. Customers can buy jpegs for Facebook and after paying they download the appropriate files - the only evidence I see is after it's all happened. Money in my PayPal account and a notification of who bought what. Orders for prints, key rings, etc are emailed to me so I know what to print and where to send it.

There is a tracking system for my information, i.e. outstanding orders and a completed orders button where I can send an editable automatic email to my customer to say I have posted it.

www.eslphotography.co.uk if you want a look - TheImageFile gives you templates which you can alter - the navigation system I have was adapted from their initial template. I created the shape and colour and look of the green flash by adding a jpeg/gif(?) to their system.

TheImageFile also uses third party companies such as LoxleyColour to do the printing.


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I don't print but just upload to photo4me a fine art america. They do all the Web design, take orders , print and frame and despatch. Fine art america also let's us have an individual Web site which is easy to edit. I just sit back and take the commission, (percentage set by myself). Check out my signature for links
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I don't see how having loads of images will slow down the website. It certainly should not be the case with Joomla or Wordpress for instance. It is only what you display that counts. As long as the site only displays a low resolution image speed really should not be an issue.

For Joomla and Wordpress there are packages that allow you to sell digital media. The high res copy that gets sold could be either downloaded directly from your clients host, or hosted on a third party cloud hosting service depending on your clients needs. If your client wants to be able to sell prints then they may have to do some work themselves based on their orders. I have seen for Joomla tools that will send copies of images directly to print shops but those tend to be geared up to specific print companies which may or may not be available to your client depending on where in the world he is.