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Sigma 150-600mm Sport Settings

Hi Guys

Just bought the Sigma 150-600mm Sport mainly for birding and fast jets, I have the docking port for it which i had a quick look at last night but didn't want to mess things up so quickly put it back in the box lol so can anyone suggest some general custom settings for birding/fast jets


Looking for a cause.
For Jets I tend to go for Tv at 1/1000sec dropping to 1/250 for prop planes.... I also find I am rarely above 300mm (on my Sigma 150-600 C).
For Birding looks like you nailed it on your Kingfisher shot @ 1/1250s and f5.6 and iso 400.



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I’ve got the ‘C’ version of the lens, Nikon fit, and the dock. When I first got it, I used the dock to update the lens and then set a couple of custom settings to the switch on the lens. One that was supposed to improve af speed (at the expense of accuracy) and another to, well I forget tbh. I used both custom settings for a day or two, saw no difference and so just used the lens as it was out of the box. To me, it does fine for aircraft with settings as Paul has given above in AF-C mode on my Nikon D750.


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I know some change the focus limiter ranges to more suit their needs. For instance, if nothing is likely to come closer than 12m then you can have a range of 12m-infinity


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I have the C version and the only change I've made so far is to set the image stabilisation to Dynamic mode. It just seems the give a more noticeable effect in the view finder.