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Signatures (and a quick tutorial) - PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
Recently, there has been a lot of signatures that are getting bigger than the actual posts, spanning lots and lots of lines. Please remember not everyone is on a massive ultrawide screen and when these signatures are shown on a different, smaller screen, like a mobile or an iPad, or a small laptop, these signatures can run to half or more of the page that is displayed at once, and that seriously degrades the viewing pleasure for other members.

Also, be considerate about your signature, as some of them are starting to look like extensions to a catalogue website, and people do get tired of seeing rows and rows of what kit you have, if people wanted to look at numbers, then they'd go and have a look at an equipment website! Also, with using bold face, multi-coloured fonts and text sizes that aren't the standard, the overall line of the thread can be disrupted by the signature.

As well, some signatures are starting to look like link dumps, which are also distracting to others as well. If you are wanting to put links in your signature, please keep it to a maximum of two or three, and also please note that anything that may be encountered under the general rules of conduct are also valid here. Links are ok in a signature for the likes of your facebook, flickr and website and using the layout example below this will keep things neat.

Here is a quick guide on how to make a discrete signature.

1. Click on the "Settings" part of the top right of the screen.

2. On the left hand column of the page, click "Edit Signature".

3. In the post box, put in a clear, concise sig, it doesn't need to be ultra flashy, because what you think may look smart, may look garish to others; everyone has different tastes.

As an example of a clear and easy to understand signature :

[center]My name is Spot - [url][color="green"]http://www.woof.dog/[/color][/url][/center]​

Things like images will not work in the signature, only the basics like text, formatting, links the same as you would write a normal post with (without pics).

4. Click on Save.

5. Narrow the browser window to the narrowest width of the forum. If the signature is taking up more than three complete lines including spacing lines, it is probably causing a nuisance to other users on smaller screen devices, go back and check it again and see what parts you can live without.

6. Select each forum template from the drop down list on the lower left hand side of each page, and then check your signature. If there are any colours that cause a distraction or are painful to look at on any of the templates, go back and have a look again at what you have put, editing the colours so they do not distract or cause nuisance to other users.

It's doesn't cost anything to be considerate, and with a moment of thought, you can make a signature that acceptable throughout and doesn't cause a nuisance to other members.

The signatures only work for Premium Members, any other member emulating a signature without upgrading to premium, or any member placing 'Pseudo-Signatures' in general posts will be dealt with under the rules of forum conduct.
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Always on
Honorary Life Member
Can members please note that excessive space taken up with signatures disrupts the flow of the threads makiing reading a bit cumbersome with more than needed scrolling


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
Up to the top, as there are some appearing on here again...

Not wanting to be a killjoy, but I'll be on the PM next week otherwise!

Ash (Jacko)

Always on
Can I be a pain again?lol I have struggled with my links in my signature how can I get them like yours Sean with just one word instead of a whole line of the link? I don't really understand the above I'm a bit thick.