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Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs Anyone Tried Them?

Discussion in 'Studio Lighting Forum' started by russellsnr, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. russellsnr

    russellsnr Here a lot

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    Hi, I have been looking for some continuous lighting options to photograph flowers indoors and came across these Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs.( I live in the stone age:rolleyes:) as I have soft boxes already these would be ideal I think as would not have to keep opening the soft boxes (The ones with the zip option to push your light stand inside through). I see they can be controlled via a mobile phone app or a remote control.
    Not overly bright but two or three inside the soft box should I think give enough light.
    So anyone tried/used them please?
    Many Thanks,
  2. MikeB

    MikeB Always on Premium Member

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    Given that they can be controlled as a group with a special app, I can see where they might be useful but seems like overkill to me. I can see where setting up separate groups of bulbs under the control of Alexa or the like could be helpful. But is also seems that with all of the fusing around getting the light right, it would be simpler to just turn switches on or off.

    Clearly having greater control over the lights is desirable and we will likely see studio lighting products that do this but at the moment it doesn't appear to be very practical.

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