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So I am a little bit obsessed with Buachaille Etive Mor


Old Hand
doesn't appeal quite so much as it once did.

May 2017

Here's a 5x4 - I'd have liked 4x3 but when trying to crop I couldn't get the frame edges right with the mountain centered well enough but it's fine on a 5x4. The original one was 2:1 and looks great but that sky seems to good to lose and some extra room above the mountain's never a bad thing for copy text etc when you sell commercially. I used the 16-35 and the softer frame edges are gone. This is a slight issue with the 2:1

_DSC0302 - Version 4 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

A 7x5 also tidied up this shot of Buachaille Etive Mor. In terms of colour palate this is more some-elses kind of thing than mine.

_DSC0191 - Version 2 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

May 2018 - I've never had it so good....

This was a 2:1 shot with the legendary sigma ART 24 - so it doesn't suffer with corner/edge softness to the same degree as the 16-35. However that's immaterial compared to the 2:1 - that sky. It seems criminal to have cut so much off with such a wide crop. Right now this is the version for me.

_DSC3300 - Version 2 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

June 2018 - so much better than this years June it is unreal.

This I cannot make a 4:3 or 5x4. Too much mess in the waterpool but I've eeked out a desktop background out of it.

_DSC3574 - Version 2 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr