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Want Pointers Some London Shots


Well-Known Member
I can see the idea in No1...subject lit in an otherwise dark place...might be better in mono with vignette and darker blacks
No 2 looks great, would probably work as well in colour
No3 doesn’t do it for me really...everything is conspiring to not engage me...subject looking away and unaware
No4 I’m intrigued as the sign is in reverse and blurred as if panned but the railings on the left are sharp
No5 has a bit much foreground....a good crop all around might be good to strengthen the image
I like the composition in the last one.... a really interesting series overall....I hope I’ve not gone over the top? Sorry if so...!

Kevin (ksdg01)

Well-Known Member
Is #4 a combination of 2 photos?
Left side cooler colors and stopped down while the right side a bit warmer and less depth of field?