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Sony RX 100 VA


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Oct 25, 2015
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I purchased this about a month ago and so far am quite pleased. There are various iterations of the RX 100 currently on sale. I chose the VA because it is the most recent version that uses a 1.8 lens. Later versions use a 2.8. However later versions also have a single motion pop up viewfinder. The VA requires two actions, first you pop it up then you slide back a component with thumb and forefinger. A bit finnicky but I'm getting used to it. A viewfinder is obligatory for me as in broad daylight I just don't see the screens well. I purchased this as a carry around pocket camera to take with me when I'm out photographing birds with a much bigger Canon rig as I often run into an insect, flower or landscape that's impractical to photograph with a 400mm lens. I find the Sony heavier than I expected so a sturdy pocket is in order. The lens is a delight. It is very sharp and combined with the camera's 20mp allows for some serious cropping to produce usable macro shots. I have experimented with some high ISO shots and I think this camera performs better in that aspect than the Sony a6000 I've been using for the last five years or so. It's pricey but so far I think it's worth it.