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Spectraview or X-Rite Colormunki Photo on an NEC monitor?


Here a lot
Hi, OK I have posted this question on other forums as I am trying to get a definitive answer or a majority one. I have a NEC monitor and NEC use Spectraview II for monitor calibration so I have used my X-Rite i1 Pro with that software, however I have now purchased an X-Rite Colormunki Photo so I can profile monitor and printer/s, the question is should I continue to use Spectraview II with the Colormunki Photo for the monitor or as I am also profiling printers should I now use the X-Rite software for both? Other concern is with conflict, would the two sets of differant software (Spectraview and X-Rite) confuse/conflict if used together? Thank you. Russ


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Premium Member
I agree with Paul, go with the X-Rite. Both will do an excellent job calibrating the display device and there will not likely be any discernible difference in the quality of the calibration.