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Spring is here?


Always on
Premium Member
snow cover..everywhere except roads.
This morning-
Fog and could not see much.
Rain most of the day. +15C
Way home...everywhere I look is brown and fields are now lakes and creeks are now rivers. Roads are rivers.
Saying we may have historic flooding.

Thought about going out of town Sunday- you know....to see the 1.3 million snow geese.
They are saying the interstate may be closed and flooded over at that time.

6 hours west of me-

Blizzard with 10-18 inches of snow and wind gusts up to 89 mph.
Yes, 89mph.

How's your spring coming?


Always on
Premium Member
It's raining here. Saying that, it rains in Summer, Autumn and Winter as well - our seasons in this little county seem to blend into one drizzly, grey blob. I need a lottery win...


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
It smells wrong... It's been quite wet this year compared to normal, but at the same time it's a lot hotter (up in to the mid 20ºC during the day) so there's a lot of new growth happening and at the same time it's drying out really quickly. The air has that dry smell to it which puts people on edge as this area is long overdue for a fire outbreak, and if it stays dry like this then there's going to be plenty of material to go up when it really does start warming up.


Always on
We've been away for a few days. Before leaving our snowdrops had finished, the daffodils are beginning to come out and there's some green in the hedges.

We went up north. Found some fresh snowdrops, no daffodils and a hedge or two with some green.

Five days later we return south where it's been raining - no rain up north. No change. Daffodils nearly finished coming out, snowdrops finished, hedges no greener.


Always on
Premium Member
Flood waters here have not reached their peak and towns and small cities around me are getting cut off.
Interstates being flooded...
People where I work are stuck...at home.
Levies failing and or going over.
Military vehicles including black helicopters helping stranded people.
You would not know it where I am...nice sunny day.
I am no where near the rivers.


Always on
Premium Member
Still blowing a gale here. Isn’t get up really early and head down to Portland Bill. Never photoghed it before, only sailed past in the distance. Reckon it might look good in stormy weather. Will mean a 3am start.


EXIF Seeker
Super Moderator
Well this morning we have a sunny spring like day. Flowers are showing in the garden.
Just actually going to start seeds off in the greenhouse today. Biggest challenge will be some tropical Passion flowers this year. Having to propogate those on a heat mat though.


Always on
Premium Member
Another update..
Locally we get small flooding every spring so the people are pretty smart/compliant to what needs to be done-well for the most part.
Well, we've had 290 people rescued and have had 3 people deceased due to last weeks start of the flood.

Everything is brown, ground is on it's first week of thawing- as remnants of snow are in the shadows.
Went out scouting. First of migrations have started. Lakes are most frozen over still- seeing snow geese, and a few gulls as well as trumpeter swans. The muskrats are coming out. A few eagles that are following the snow geese.
Can't reach them, yet. Geese are Landing near and on private farmlands near lakes.
Reserves are closed due to flooding- wondering how good it's there that I am missing.
Of course Canada geese and some ducks are close.
Deer are stir crazy- the flooding have put them in a situation where they congregate heavily.

No flowers, no budding trees...yet. brown, brown and brown.


Always on
Premium Member
Ok, another update...
It warmed up to 44 F. I think we are going to skip spring and it'll probably hit 100 in two weeks.
Our company raised $$ for the flood victims and our Company President will be flying in at my location next week to hand a check over to Salvation Army. (I work at a F500 company)
Rumored..the mayor..and the governor and press will be at my work that day.


Always on
Premium Member
I've just put this one in the weekly post Mark, but I thought it would cheer you up some, the hills are are usually brown. View down the valley from my sons back yard.