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Style of Greg Williams photography


Stuck in Toronto
It does not look like anything other than a simple B&W conversion. He could have been doing this in camera, but not likely. He probably shot raw and converted in software. You cannot really tell that much from Instagram, there is no EXIF info in the photos. I went to his website but the photos posted there have the EXIF info stripped. That could at least show us what software he used and a few other settings, but it will not tell us filters, presets, etc. It would just lead to likely guesses.


Always on
Premium Member
I agree with the above, it's not a style, though clearly he was prepared for the Behind the Scenes shots for the awards. The photo looks more like an good snapshot rather than a planned photo - which maybe is a style especially for Instagram. This appears to be backstage with a strong backlight and very likely with an led light (it's not freezing motion) being held to the left of the camera.
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