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The Harbour Entrance


Always on
We've just been to Whitby for a few days and our cottage looked out on to the entrance to the harbour. Despite Hurricane Gareth's best attempts, the waves were quite small and a testament to the design of this entrance.

A first for me for ages - mono land/seascape and using a 10-stopper - not dug that out for ages. I find it's very much a case of trial and error using this filter, 78 seconds exposure in this case. I didn't have a cable release with me (didn't think of packing it) so this is in bulb mode on the camera (with tripod) using mirror lock up and pressing the shutter again carefully to finish the exposure.

Loads of processing and altering sliders in Lightroom trying to achieve something arty and pleasing to look at. I found dropping the clarity and raising the Dehaze sliders quite effective, the latter creating the two vertical shadows. (I've not marked the thread as such but am quite happy with critique or improvement ideas.)



Always on
Premium Member
The only thing I'd do is crop out the sand in the foreground. For me it spoils the overall smoothness of the picture.


Looking for a cause.
Good composition and smoothness Edward .. like it.
Would agree the sand in the foreground is doing nothing for it though.


Well-Known Member
Its a hard one as the sand at the front give it location/context. With that out, unless you go letterbox, there may be too much water which, although nice, has no point of focus.

Might have been worth taking a step or two backwards and dropping lower to make more on a feature of the sand.


Always on
Nice scene and well handled conversion to black and white, I also agree about the sand but it’s not a deal breaker for me.


Always on
Thank you for the comments. I photographed this from 10 feet up off the beach but would like to think that if I was on the beach that I'd have made the effort of taking it from ground level.

With your thoughts I've tried a couple of crops (landscape and coffee mug). For my part I prefer the sand in the foreground but understand it's not everyone's favourite sort of composition.

1. (Widescreen)

2. Coffee mug


Always on
Premium Member
Nice Ed, much improved by the crops. Really like the processing to these, the water looks mint - for that reason the first crop is my pick of the bunch. :)

Edit: Actually, looking at it again. I don’t mind your original with the foreground - it adds another layer. Scratch the above....maybe. Lol. :D


Always on
Premium Member
The second shot`s the best for me Ed. The last is too lacking in water and the first not lacking enouugh of sand ! :)
Nice place Whitby , bit short of fish and chip shops though :)


Always on
Thank you both - you always raise a smile on my face Rob - we tried "proper" fish and chips but unfortunately don't really like the batter. Second time we had scampi (breadcrumbs) and that was very good. Never seen so many fish and chip shops in one plaice (sorry!) :)


Rain maker
Taller crop for me. Nice effect and nice clean level horizon.
Don't like batter?! :shocked: