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The koppelpoort


Always on
Premium Member
Very nice indeed. I like that. #2 is my fave because of the warmer colours.


Old Hand
Very nice indeed. I like that. #2 is my fave because of the warmer colours.
It's mine too - with this sort of thing they talk of the blue hour - it's more like the blue ten minutes. You want lit up buildings to be slightly brighter than the sky but still some light in the sky so any unlit building edges etc stand out from the sky and when you expose for some greens to be rendered green not black. Two is really the later end of the magic tend minutes and the first is the start. Not long after it got dark and no ambient light, and before there was too much ambient light for the building to stand clear.

You might wonder what I did in the intermin ten minutes. Well I knocked the tripod over and getting everything lined up, straight, perpendicular took some time and the shots had to be timed with people and cyclists (lots of these in Holland) not entering my frame to leave ghost marks.