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The Lighthouse at Rattray Head


Old Hand
I've made a New Years Resolution which I seldom do. This years NYR is to sort out my image library and back up my images in folder'd format on an external drive. I do not use Lightroom but Aperture 3 since get a Mac Pro in 2012. I never made the switch as Aperture made it so easy to manage files within it's own library. However, it's no longer supported and hasn't been for quite some time so I've reworking old images and backing up the RAWs and final renditions (as 16 BIT TIFFS) on a separate drives. My processing style and tastes have changed - certainly more conservative and what once seemed a good idea at the time now seems a bit garish so whilst it's winter and miserable it seems a good time to get this job out of the way. I've also come to realise that sometimes no matter how many times you go back to a place - you might never quite get it as good as when you first went. This is a case and point here.

Two off center squares took my fancy

_DSC9422 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

_DSC9379 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

And two of my favourite shots I've taken here

_DSC9398 Version 2 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

_DSC9396 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr


Always on
Maybe time for a software upgrade.
Lightroom (and probably Photoshop) allow DNG exports, a generic lossless raw file format but preserves all you edit information. If you need to re-import a finished DNG file (which is often the case) all previous adjustments are also imported. Saves A LOT of faff.
Every time you save a finished picture in TIFF then remove that picture from your processing suite all previous editing information is lost. As you probably realise Tiff is a huge file format which just isn't necessary when you can save files in an industry standard file format (DNG), at about a quarter the file size compared to Tiff, with no loss of data. Tiff is an insane way to back up your finished files.
Aperture is extremely basic and dated compared to even Adobe suites from a decade ago. Go on, treat yourself, even try the free Lightroom demo, it's great piece of kit every photographer shouldn't be without.


Old Hand
I’ve tried Lightroom a fair few times- admittedly only on workshop clients laptops and a mates. I couldn’t get on with the layout but TBH a curves and levels adjustment looked much the same. The sharpening and shadow recovery looked cleaner but not so massively so.

I’d probably go for Capture One next - every year I say I’m going to do it but truth be told it does what I need it to do and I know my way around curves, levels, definition (Lightroom function is clarity). These things are much of a likeness in C1 to Aperture and it’s layout looks more familiar in videos etc.

I’m not a fan of the subscription model either. I’ve got the RAWs on a separate drive so can reimport them and edit again.

Storage is cheap (insanely actually)and when I eventually upgrade the computer (I’ve had it seven years so it’s nearer the end of its life than the start) I’ll do the software at the same time as I’ll have to - it’s no longer supported.
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