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The Mod's Challenge for March 2015 is SHOES

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Rain maker
The topic for this months challenge for March 2015 is SHOES (don't forget high heels are shoes!! :) )

You can interpret it any way you think appropriate and I hope to see some inventive interpretations..

This challenge runs until the end of March.

This thread will be kept open for entries until midnight on the 1st April 2015 to allow for images taken at the very end of the month time to be posted.

Post your images on this thread.

Please ensure you comply with the entry rules invalid entries will be removed.

1. No members of staff are eligible for entry.

2. Premium Members or those with a post count of 100 or over can enter, so those with less GET POSTING NOW!!!.

3. The image must be unique to the competition if the same image is posted elsewhere then the entry will be classed as invalid, the EXIF data MUST be included to verify date (that it was taken during the month of the challenge). Most images have an EXIF file, if unsure, just PM a Mod or ask on Forum. The image posted as an entry in the competition can be used elsewhere once a winner has been announced.

Please upload the image directly to the forum not link from a hosting site Thank You

4. Images will be judged on composition, lighting, subject matter, and the other general rules of photography.

5. The winning full sized image will need to be sent via ftp to Ashton Photographics (please contact Stemmy for details to be added to ftp server along with the postal address to send winning print to.)

6. Please only post the picture, no explanation as to where it came from, how you got it, purely to keep the images as the important part of the thread,this also applies to other members please do not post comments on individual entries as they will be removed.

7. One entry per member, the original entry posted is the one entered, this cannot be changed.

8. The moderators will gather to discuss all the entries and make a vote on the best image of each competition.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing some interesting photos.
Not open for further replies.