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The Ring shot.


Bet the couple loved that.

Cheers Paul, they did choose it as one for their album.

Excellent...I might just copy that ever so slightly next time I have the opportunity.
No problem, I gleam ideas from others it's what it's all about isn't it, checking out other togs photos for a new angle.
The only problem is having a heavy book to lug to the weddings. Perhaps I will look for a smaller version :)
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A single piece of paper is lighter than a book. :D

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Can't disagree with that. however, part of my pitch to couples is this photo style and that they can choose the word they want in the photo, of course the word has to be in the book.
Thing is it's a dictionary stroke encylopedia and so often has combined words that a dictionary won't have.
A while back I was aksed for 'Little Bear' I'm not saying a standard dictionary wouldn't have it but?
I always have asked the couple for a word but mostly get the answer, "Oh we'll have a think and let you know" of course I have too many things on my mind to remember and so I find myself taking this book.
This book was first published in 1981 and it's spine has fallen off, me thinks it's time to source another.


Stuck in Toronto
Very nice. I bet they liked it. I have never seen the ring and lock before, what's next, the ball and chain? :)