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The winner of the January 2015 Mod's challenge is Spuriosity

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Rain maker
And thanks to the admin and moderators for voting.
This was a very close vote and required some tie breaking.

This month's subject was NEGATIVE SPACE.

To claim your prize @spuriosity please read on

The winning full sized image will need to be sent via ftp to Ashton Photographics (please contact Stemmy for details to be added to ftp server along with your postal address to send winning print to.)

from the original thread June 2007 http://www.photography-forum.org/sho...t-Of-The-Month
The forum is proud to announce that our new competition sponsored by Ashton Photographics from Bury (http://www.photography-forum.org/showthread.php?t=9584 ) will be starting this month.

The prize for the best picture of the month will be a 16x12 print of the winning image sent to the winner, and best of all, to anywhere in the world so everyone is included.
Thank you to the mods for voting and especially to all the members for taking the time and making the effort to have a go.

Due the annual awards threads taking up time (and mostly my forgetting-sorry!) there is no February mod's challenge but it will be back for March.

Winning image:
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Always on
Premium Member
Congrats on your winning image!

@tenchy - it might be worth just adding what the subject of the mods' challenge was above to save people looking back. :)


Always on
Ah thanks guys! :thank-you:

I was so chuffed when I came up with this idea... negative space and negatives OF space! I just can't contain my genius sometimes.. lol.


Always on
These negatives are the only ones I own and I've always kept them because they remind me of my grandad. We took them together on his big telescope when I was a child. Happy memories [emoji5][emoji5]

ed taylor

Super Ed
Super Moderator
Nice one. Well done there.It was as difficult decision but yours came out in the lead in the end....
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