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This is under Stranger things photos


So years ago when I was shooting a Minolta X570, we took a trip to NOLA. On the way we stopped at the "most haunted house in America" [aren't they all] During the tour they said the hall mirror is infamous for having strange things happen when you take a picture of it. So I stood in the hall no flash and held still because not a lot of light and took a picture of the mirror. I took in the film after the trip and had it developed at a local photo shop. This was circa 2002. I got back the film and this was the photo of the mirror. It was in the middle of the roll and nothing on either side of the film was in any way out of the ordinary. I asked the tech in the shop what was the situation and was told he did not know. spooky.jpg


Looking for a cause.
I think it's the light from above reflecting in your lens and giving you a light flare just like when you take a photo of a landscape with the sun in and you get lens flare off the sun, you don't see anything at the time.
It's also strange that the flare resembles the white light coming through the curtain/window to the left, it's the same shape.


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I have been visited many times...
Brother...Uncle...Native American boy...
What bothered me the most was the girl crying all night, every night upstairs when I lived downtown.