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Just Sharing Three different images of "The Rock"

Grumpy John

Here a lot
Three vastly different images of Uluru (Ayers Rock) taken within 4 days of each other.

#1 This image was taken at around 6 O'Clock in the evening in May 2016. The "Red" centre had been turned green by an unusually wet "dry" season. Not the sort of colours people usually associate with our big red rock.
#2 Sunrise the next morning. Four busloads of tourists were so disappointed, even when I tried to tell them that what they were seeing was unique. A bit hard to take if you had flown 12,000 miles to see the typical sunrise.
#3 Three days later, back to normal.

Isn't nature wonderful.


Looking for a cause.
Tourists Hey !!! ....
Our tour guide in the USA told us of a coach load of tourists that all but 3 decided not to get off to see the view of Bryce Canyon as it was raining so hard .... well what they missed was a double rainbow, and they tried to buy the images off those that got to see it.



Old Hand
Lovely colours in the last one. When I went it was just after one of the wettest seasons on record and it looked very similar, I loved the contrast of the red dirt and the vibrant new growth which is visible in the first image.

On the first image there's a pretty heavy halo around the rock. Also out of interest did you visit kata tjuta when you were there too?

Grumpy John

Here a lot
Thanks for the feedback mate, I will revisit the first image and see what I can do about the halo. Yes we went to Kata Tjuta as well, will dig up some images for you.