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Tiger reserve

First of all this is not from a zoo. This is as wild as it gets. This is a female Royal Bengal Tiger. They are the top predators around here as are Grizzly's and Polar Bears in their environment. They can take down a full grown Gaur weighing a whooping 2 tons. Gaurs don't go down easy and can put up a fierce fight. Kill rate is one in ten hunts. My success rate of sighting this magnificent animal was one in four Jeep safaris.

She came out of the bushes, sat at the mud pool for a while, walked towards us and finally went back into the bushes.






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This one when she was coming straight at us, Females tip the scale at 350 lbs while the males at 450 ibs. Historically the Siberian or Amur tigers were much larger than the Bengal ones but due to shrinking supply of prey in the Siberian far east, the reverse is currently true.

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