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Want Pointers Trying IKEA Melodi Lamp Shade Experiment.


Here a lot
Hi, Saw a Youtube video on useing a Foba Acryl Cone but at approx $500 I found again on Youtube someone useing an IKEA Melodi Lamp Shade Approx $15 so gave it a go.
The setup image is with continuous lights but I also tried Speedlights.
First flower image is Continuous Light
Second and third images used speedlights.
Thankyou, Russ.

Hibiscus Flower.jpg_Orange.jpg

Wild Flower_Thorns.jpg

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Here a lot
Hi, Yes double diffusion but the caveat with the continuous lights (just two) is a very slow shutter speed, yes I can increase ISO along with a larger apeture but still very slow, waiting arrival of better/stronger LED light bulbs.
Thankyou for the reply. Russ


Always on
Definitely a great method to highlight just the flowers Russ. Well done. I love to do a bit of floral photography and this seems to work well.


Rain maker
I've put the other 3 images in your post full size for you.

The 2nd one is very effective.